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Babu Owino gives mathematical explanation of 0.01 by 14M

Embakasi East Member of Parliament(MP) has given his explanation as to whether 0.01 percent of 14.2 million is 1,420 votes or 142,000 votes.


Taking on social media, the Embakasi East MP noted that the calculation is equivalent to 142,000 votes as the number after the decimal is equal to a vote.


He continued by saying that if the deducted votes were multiplied by two would double the total votes of Raila unlike what is peddled on social media.


“The % is of the total number of votes cast.The 0.01 is of the total number of votes cast 14.2million (0.01 *14.2million)=142k.

If you subtract the votes from one &add to the other,U double the number which is 284k.The 284k will affect the 50%+1 vote.” Said Babu Owino


Kenyans have been arguing about the mathematical result of the equation as to whether it should be 1,420 or 142,000.

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