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IEBC Unveils The Company That Will Print Ballot Papers For this Year’s General Election

Inform Lykos,a printing company based in Greece has won the IEBC tender of printing next year’s General election ballot papers.


The agreement between the wafula Chebukati-led commission will see Lykos supply ballot papers at a total cost of Ksh925 million.


Lykos, which outshined 13 other companies, was selected by the electoral body because it was the bidder with the best rate.

It offered to print the papers at the rate of Ksh921,326 per 3,000 papers.From the 3 year contract, the Greek based printing firm will foresee the supply and delivery of ballot papers, registration of voters, statutory deduction forms used in polling stations together with election and referendum forms used in constituency polling centres.


In the last election, Al Ghurair, a Dubai-based printing firm was awarded the tender by IEBC .


The company however did not bid for the contract this year. The Commission explained that the company(Al Ghurair) failed to meet the required 40 percent local content threshold.


“The commission hereby regrets to inform you that your tender was unsuccessful due to the following reason. You did not meet the requirement for 40 percent local content,” a letter addressed to the firm read.


Unlike Lykos ,Ak Ghurair charged the commission a whooping Ksh2.5 billion to print ballot papers in 2017 which is nearly 3 times as much what the current bidder is offering. This year, the current quotation stands at Ksh1.2 billion.




IEBC Chief Executive Officer Marjan Hussein Marjan, has invited aggrieved firms to file procurement-related complaints by midnight, October 28.

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