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TSC Qualifications for P1 teachers to Teach in Junior Secondary Schools

Since the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum, the majority of work is now done in secondary schools.

Consequently, the burden in primary schools has drastically decreased as a result.After taking the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Examinations, the present Class Six students enrolled in the 8-4-4 system will also be enrolled in Form One in 2023 when Grade 6 will transition to Grade 7.

(KCPE).Grades 7, 8, and 9 will be taught in the junior secondary school. After taking the Grade 6 national tests, the pioneer students under the new 2-6-3-3-3 Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) system will move on to junior secondary school in 2023.

Since then, a number of primary schools have been chosen by the Ministry of Education for conversion to junior secondary schools. Junior Secondary School (JSS) wings will be upgraded to those with improved infrastructure.


The infrastructure of any institution will be improved by merging underenrolled schools and those that are nearby.

In some schools, both elementary and junior secondary levels are housed in the same building.


The ministry of education and the Teachers Service Commission have chosen to send trained primary teachers to the junior secondary level in order to address this shortage.

All of the present secondary school instructors will oversee senior secondary.

Teachers at primary schools who meet the requirements listed below are eligible to instruct junior high school students.


Diploma and Degree in Special Needs Education

Diploma and Degree in Early Childhood Development Education

Diploma in Education (Primary option)

Diploma in Education, Secondary option

Degree in Education (Secondary option) but lacking C+ at KCSE or C+ in teaching subjects

Also in a report titled Status Report on Teacher Preparedness for Competence Based Curriculum Implementation which was presented before the Parliamentary Committee on Education, TSC indicated that it will deploy P1 teachers to junior secondary with the following qualifications.


1. Diplomas,


2. Higher Diplomas,


3. Under graduate Degrees,


4. Post-graduate Diplomas,


5. Masters and PHDs to teach at junior secondary schools (JSS).

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