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Unemployed and intern teachers to get job by teachers service commission

Through the budget, teachers service commission (TSC) recently received money to hire teachers on permanent and pensionable terms as well as on internship programme.

Those teachers are to be used to bridge the learning teacher shortage with the eminent transition of learners of junior secondary next year.

A double intake of secondary students will definitely overwhelm the avoidable work force hence a desire need to prepare for this eventually prior.


As a result therefore, an approximated 5000 teachers are in the hiring mainstream to help handle junior secondary come next year 2023.

Addionary, a project of 6000 intern teachers will be hired to support the ones already in the field.

“During the upcoming recruiting, we will focus more on staffing sub-county secondary school, which will enroll the majority of students,” said Dr. Nancy executive officer.


Nancy further reiterated that they the National Treasury has set aside a sum of Ksh.2.5 billion for the fiscal year 2022/2023 to be used in hiring more teachers.

Intern teachers he’s been a recent trend introduced by TSC as one of the measures meant to improve the workforce.

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